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Ventricular simulation

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Patient specific heart



Contraction model

Electrodynamics model

Mechanical contraction model

Computational meshes

- Electrical Meshes (Linear Lagrangian)

- Mechanical meshes (Cubic hermite)

Contraction model

Simulation of LVAD

LVAD : Left ventricular assist device

LAVD therapy : Energy Unloading

- Pressure & Volume unloading

- Energy unloading

Simulation of regurgitation

Simulation of heart valves regurgitation

Transmural strain and tension

Transmural distribution of tissue strain at end-diastole and tension at end-systole. Systolic tension in the LV septum and free wall was significantly lower for MR than for AR. However, end-diastolic strain was increased under AR and MR conditions

Pressure-Volume diagrams

Simulation of IABP

Virtual test of the IABP therapy

- IABP : Intra-aortic balloon pump

- Failed heart

- Failed heart with IABP therapy

LV Hemodynamics

LV blood hemodynamics

- Analysis procedure

- Simulation result

Background of ventricular defibrillation


Arrhythmia (Fibrillation)

Purpose of defibrillation simulation

Simulation of ventricular defibrillation

Procedure of defibrillation

Ventricular fibrillation

Defibrillation mechanism

Defibrillation simulation result