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Background : Rapid increase of coronary artery patients and management cost issues

Background : Fractional flow reserve(FFR) issues

Necessity of diagnosis index usage for cardiovascular intervention assessment at the clinic

Background : FFR Computer Simulation

  • Computer simulation is suggested to improve clinical FFR measurement.
  • CTA(medical image data) and the use of numerical simulation technology to diagnose the cardiovascular status of patient, prevention and promotion of health care improvement for the development of medical content and service.

FFR simulation efficacy : Simulation method efficacy comparing to the existing clinical method.

CT-FFR Simulation Efficacy | From existing invasive method, using computer simulation method (non-invasive) 30% treatment cost reduction, advantage of treatment outcome prediction. And by using this simulation method the afterward patient’s status prediction becomes possible and this method is also expected to be effective even for precaution.

Diagram of CT-FFR procedure : CT-FFR simulation method suggested by the current research team


Image processing : 3D CA modeling generation by using image processing program developed by our research team

  • Development of image processing program to create 3D CA model from patient’s medical image data
  • This program is equipped with many functions to process calcium automatically and specific target for modeling..

CFD algorithm : Computational fluid dynamics(CFD) algorithm (by our research team)

Multi-scale model : Multi-dimensional computational module development for CT-FFR simulation

LPM configuration reflects patient’s specific clinical information in order to simulate CA microcirculation, pressure calculated through LPM is granted by the boundary conditions of the CFD model, multi-dimensional calculation module development is once more applied on LPM input to generate CFD flow rate result.

CT-FFR result : Result of CT-FFR simulation